About Soul~searcher

I am a work in progress as are all my fellow pilgrims. I was aware of other realms as a child and I felt safe by this knowledge. As a young person I discovered I could evade reality through drugs and alcohol. They took me to another place, where the harshness of my reality simply faded away and I could create whatever world I felt to conjure up.
Childhood experiences left me scarred and disconnected, drugs and alcohol helped me to pretend that I was okay.
But eventually they stopped working and I was left not only with the raw reality of my past but layered upon this was the carnage of a life lived on the edge of hell.
I am a survivor…a warrior…getting clean and sober 18 years ago didn’t mean my life magically was filled with rainbows and lollipops, far from it.
However, I met life on life’s terms. I saw my part in the array of experiences, I understood my life’s journey through spiritual sight rather than ego sight.
I knew, without any doubt, I was meant to be here and everything was perfectly as it should be.
I am a grandmother of eight, a mother of three, full time carer of a feisty five year old.

I am a trauma and addictions counsellor, remedial massage therapist, Pranic Healer and ran my own healing business before becoming too ill.
I have a chronic illness, what is called in Australia, ‘Lyme-Like’ illness.                                   The controversy around this illness is phenomenal. It is a political issue as well as a medical issue. So, once again I am being challenged. Not only by being ill, but standing up for what I believe in and wanting to make a difference so others may not have to endure what others ‘before’ me and ‘with’ me now are enduring.

So day by day I am understanding through a new paradigm of medicine, Integrative Medicine.

I am healing on all levels.

Life is a gift, a precious gift.

I am determined to give it all I have got and then more.